Frequently Asked Questions About the Board of Directors

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions about the Board.

How are Workforce Board members selected?
Board members are nominated by economic development organizations and chambers of commerce and appointed by the county commissions. Some state agency service organization leaders and education partners are mandated by legislation to be board members.


What is the length of service on the board?
Board members are asked to serve three-year terms and may be appointed to serve subsequent terms.


What is my commitment to the board?
The time commitment is approximately two hours every other month to attend board meetings, and occasional meetings as business matters develop that need Board approval. In addition, all board members are expected to serve on a standing committee or council which may meet as needed.


Are board member expenses reimbursed?
Yes. Travel expenses for meetings of the board and committees/councils are reimbursed according to the Board’s travel policy. Expenses related to conference and training meetings outside our region are also reimbursed.


Is there a financial commitment for board members?
No. However, board members are required to submit a financial disclosure form required by the State of Florida stating the source of their income. This information protects the Board and its members from potential violations of conflicts of interest rules for publicly funded Boards.


Are board meetings open to the public?
Yes. Florida law requires all workforce board meetings be open and subject to the sunshine law. NFWDB meeting notices are published on this website.


What is the role of the board in management of the organization?
Board members set policy to be implemented by the board staff under the direction of the Executive Director who answers directly to the Board.


What is the role of County Commissioners in Workforce service delivery?
The Chief Elected Officials in the counties have the ultimate responsibility for the use of funding allocated by State and Federal Legislation. The North Florida Workforce Region has a Consortium of County Commissioners with representation from each of its six counties. They officially approve the Workforce Investment Plan for the Region before it is submitted to Workforce Florida for approval by the state board and the governor. All six counties participate in an inter-local agreement that governs how they will assure the delivery of workforce services, and have designated the NFWDB as the delivery service provider.