Career and Training Services

Find success with our Career and Training Services

Training, services, and scholarships beyond CareerSource North Florida’s core services are available if you are eligible for the Career and Training Services through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

Career and Training Services have been successful in guiding thousands of job seekers in North Florida into full-time, self-sufficient employment.  CareerSource North Florida staff will assess your current level of skill and work with you to develop a plan for employment. Training may be included as part of this plan and if so, CareerSource North Florida wants to invest in you!


Getting started with Career Training and Services

To get started with Career and Training Services, follow these steps:

View the Local Targeted Occupation list, a list in-demand jobs in our area, along with our List of Approved Training Providers.


Watch the CareerSource North Florida WIOA Orientation and complete the steps outline in the video.


Fill out and submit the WIOA Application.  WIOA staff will follow up with you within one business day.


Other documentation, such as household size and income may be required.  Your assigned Career Consultant will assist you in the eligibility and documentation process.


After receiving Career and Training Services

Once you become employed after receiving Career and Training Services, a Career Consultant will continue to follow-up with you for a year.  During this process, you are encouraged to stay engaged with our office so we can assist you overcoming those hurdles that sometimes arise throughout your career.  You will continue to be counseled as needed so you can retain and improve your employment.  To complete your quarterly follow-up, fill out the WIOA Follow-Up form.