Employer Services

Our variety of employer tools is designed to help you with hiring success!

At CareerSource North Florida, we offer a variety of services and tools to help employer succeed in hiring and training quality employees.  Here are just a few more services we offer.



CareerSource North Florida has the capability of administering your specific pre-employment screening assessments or provide job seekers with access to Florida Ready to Work and Prove It! to help you find the right employee(s). Speak with your Employer Services Representative to learn more about how this service can benefit your company and significantly benefit your bottom line.


CareerSource North Florida can provide access to bonding at no cost to your company. So if you have made the decision to hire but still feel like you are taking a risk, a bond can help relieve your anxiety about the hire. Contact your Employer Services Representative to get started.


CareerSource North Florida can assist you in finding information about the labor market including wages, worker availability, and trends. Also, staff can assist you in researching tax incentives that may apply to your business.  Staff may also provide you information on job descriptions and job skills or even help you locate a training provider. Tell CareerSource North Florida what you need and they can help!

Lending Library

Lending Library

CareerSource North Florida has procured many new titles to assist your company with any literature needs you may have. Training, policy and form templates, employment law…It’s all here! We will lend these out for your use at any time.

Mobile Services

CareerSource North Florida’s Mobile Units stand ready to be deployed to assist your company.  Mobile Units may be reserved for staff training, benefits open enrollments, recruiting events, rapid response events or other activities in which having a computer lab is needed.  Your Employer Services Representative can assist you with planning.

Rapid Response

If the time comes to layoff employees, CareerSource North Florida is here to support you.  Resource Fairs, Job Fairs, Re-employment Assistance contacts, workshops, and follow-ups are all a part of the services offer to effected employees.  Assistance may also be provided to your company to ensure that employment laws are followed and all aversion attempts have been made.  CareerSource North Florida holds your information in the strictest of confidence and will never divulge sensitive information to third parties.

Veterans Priority

CareerSource North Florida offers Priority of Service to Veterans looking for work.  The Local Veterans Employment Representative (LVER) and Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP) Specialists are here to explain the benefits of hiring a Vet and help place a qualified Veteran in a position where they will succeed. Your Employer Services Representative, or a LVER /DVOP can assist you in accessing Veterans to fill your job vacancies.


CareerSource North Florida offers workshops and events developed based on input from the employer community. Timely topics, relevant information, and great networking opportunities.