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Meet Our Team

Bridget Brown

- Foundations Career Consultant
Since 2017, Bridget has worked both in the career center and with our Foundations youth program - and she enjoys working with the different people that come in the office. Bridget is currently a Foundations Career Consultant. She considers her oldest sister (of eight siblings) one of her greatest influences: she always says that your first meet and greet should be your best meet and greet and always want more. If Bridget could master one skill today, it would public speaking. Fun Fact: One item on Bridget's bucket list is learning to swim.

Amanda Ballenger

- Employment Security Rep
Amanda says her favorite part about working at CareerSource North Florida is the fulfillment she receives when helping someone gain a career or take the next step in furthering their education. She's been with the organization since 2015, and currently works in both our Career Center and our Business Services department as an Employer Security Representative. She's inspired by learning new things and advancing her knowledge of the different services and programs offered by CSNF. Fun Fact: One item on Amanda's bucket list is to fly on a helicopter during the day.

Debbie Cohn

- Deputy Director
Debbie Cohn joined our staff following a career in the United States Navy. She considers her family as some of her biggest influences, and hopes to be a positive role model to staff and clients alike. When it comes to her impact on our customers, Debbie would like for them to be empowered and do well, and have the ability to set realistic goals for themselves. Fun Fact: Debbie's favorite song is Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi.

Torniqua Owens

- Career Consultant
Torniqua Owens has been with CareerSource North Florida since 2014 and works as a Career Consultant helping individuals receiving assistance transition to self-sustainability. She enjoys seeing the "ah ha" moments in people's lives, and as a Career Consultant, sees that often. She hopes to have a positive impact on everyone she meets. Fun Fact: Torniqua's bucket list includes sky diving and zip lining!

Joan Sootkoos

- Resume and Workshop Facilitator
Joan Sootkoos has been with CareerSource North Florida since 2010, most recently working as a Resume and Workshop Facilitator. She says that she would like to impact people by giving them a sense of hope and belief in themselves through her words and actions, and believes that she is a good role model. Joan is originally from the Miami area. Her bucket list includes repeating some of the fabulous road trips she took with her husband as newlyweds and spending time RVing. Fun Fact: Joan is an artist!

Glenda Branch

- Mobile Unit Coordinator
Glenda Branch has been with CareerSource North Florida "on and off" since 1997. As a longstanding staff member, she says her favorite thing about the organization is being able to work with people who really care about each other and being able to make a difference in someone's life. Glenda says her inspiration comes from "being told I can't _______." Fun Fact: While money can't buy you happiness, it can buy Glenda a new car!

Jerry Chandler

- Recruiter
As a recruiter at CareerSource North Florida, Jerry enjoys making a difference and assisting individuals with making their lives and businesses better through employment and commerce. He helps to lead and motivate by focusing on the mission and the people he helps. He quotes George Patton: "Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results." Fun Fact: Jerry is a self-proclaimed Air Force Brat and has visited over half the continents!

Amy Webb

- Career Consultant
Teachers help students build skills and attain their goals, much like Amy does at CareerSource North Florida as a WIOA Career Consultant. She helps people achieve their goals every day, through the work she does with students at our local colleges. She motivates her customers by letting them know that she believes they can complete their programs and pass their tests, as long as they continue to work hard. Fun Fact: Amy is level 14122 in Candy Crush.

Reginald Daniels

- Foundations Career Consultant
Reggie Daniels is a Foundations Career Consultant at CareerSource North Florida, but he isn't new to the organization. Reggie was hired back in 2013 as a Recruiter, and has been with us ever since. His favorite thing about working with us is the opportunity to impact the lives of so many people on any given day. While working at CSNF might not help him master auto repair (a skill he wishes he could develop), Reggie does a great job helping youth build their skills and prepare for their future. Fun Fact: Reggie wanted to be a TV journalist when he was younger.

Murlin Wells

- Recruiter
Murlin Wells has been with CareerSource North Florida since 2015, and she enjoys working directly with customers to help them reach their goals. "You lead by example. I always try to set a good example for my family, and my work family. I keep an open line of communication, assist whenever possible, try to be respectful, keep an open mind, and be flexible." Fun Fact: Murlin's favorite book might be Green Eggs and Ham, but she can't touch the tip of her nose with her tongue.

Chuck Myers

- Veterans' Program Representative
Charles "Chuck" Myers wanted to be an architect when he grew up, but opted for the Navy instead. After a career as an active member of the armed forces, Chuck came to CareerSource North Florida as a Veterans' Service Program representative. His favorite thing about working at CSNF is helping Veterans - whether that's placing them in jobs or helping to connect them with necessary resources. Fun Fact: Chuck's favorite book is Raise the Titanic.

Jamie Lane

- Career Consultant
Jamie Lane has made a great impression at CareerSource North Florida. She began as a Workshop Facilitator, but quickly made the transition to working as a Recruiter in our Career Center before moving on to her position as a Welfare Transition Career Consultant! To help motivate our customers, Jamie says that she uses her personal experience as an example of what can be overcome with determination. Fun Fact: Jamie’s favorite book is Angela’s Ashes.

Donald Yates

- Business Development Manager
Donald Yates has worked with CareerSource North Florida for eight years and he loves to help others, especially with learning technologies that might help them advance their careers. He wants our customers to leave the office feeling better with their situation, and does that through constant encouragement.  

Anthony Jennings

- Operations Director
Anthony Jennings wanted to be a firefighter when he grew up – that or an accountant – and while he ultimately followed other dreams, as Operations Director at CareerSource North Florida he has plenty of fires to put out every day. Anthony’s inspiration comes from seeing individuals achieve personal goals and advance themselves. Fun Fact: Anthony played the flute in middle school.

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